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Kenzai Resistance Band Sets

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A good set for smaller people or those who are completely new to training. The blue band will give you great burns for compact exercises, while the yellow will work for bigger movements that use the full length of the band.

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This set works for people of average build, or tall people who need more slack in the bands. The orange band gives sturdy resistance for small curls and rows, while the purple band allows moves that stretch the band to the length of the body.

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If you have training experience or are naturally strong,  the heavy band set will get your muscles burning quickly and efficiently. The gray band is our strongest offering, giving even big guys enough resistance to break a sweat. The blue band is light enough to work for shoulder press type exercises that require a lot of band length.

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Get great workouts anywhere, anytime with these resistance bands. A full range of resistance to train every part of your body, quickly and efficiently. Door anchor included.   Ready to take your fitness to the next level with a structured program of no-nonsense exercise and sound nutrition? Check out our flagship Kenzai Body program: