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Workout Equipment

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Blue Box: The Kenzai Blue Box is here!Whether you're just starting out or an experienced fitness pro, everything you need to get in fantastic shape is included in this Blue Box.What’s inside:- 1 set of 5 custom-made resistance bands- 1 adjustable jumprope with removable weights- 1 set of collapsible push-up bars with slip-resistant grips- 1 door anchor- 14 challenging and...

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Our steel grey extra-heavy resistance band is great when you need to get your muscle burn on. One arm curls will have your biceps burning by the end with this puppy.We recommend this band for bicep, back and chest exercises for men who are reasonably fit. Women may find this band a bit heavy at first but as your fitness...

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Our signature Kenzai blue resistance band is a head-turner. The Swiss Army knife of resistance bands, it can be used for everything from shoulder exercises to bicep curls. Perfect for working out at home, on the go, or even in your office.Men will find this band ideal for shoulder and tricep exercises, while women will find it a solid fit...

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Our heavy resistance band comes in a zesty orange color. This versatile band is great for working everything from your triceps to your back. It will quickly become one of your favorites.For those that travel often this band is a must have. Pair it with our light or medium resistance band to give yourself the full spectrum of resistance.- 63...

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Our light resistance band comes in a vivid purple color and is great for working the shoulders and triceps. For those just getting started on their fitness journey it’s strong enough to work some of the larger muscle groups in the chest and biceps as well.The more fit of you will still want a band like this in your bag...

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Depending on your starting point, not everyone will need a band this light in their arsenal. We recommend it for women who are relatively new to fitness or who’ve taken an extended hiatus from exercise.Our extra-light yellow resistance band is perfect for working those smaller and oft forgotten muscles group like your shoulders. This is a great band when you’ve...